Sunday, August 3, 2008


We eventually got down to some BBq-ing after 4 years in Canada. Anita & me assembled the BBQ contraption while Ant & Aay drove to the nearby plaza to fetch the hot dogs material. Aayush was Grill master for the evening having had the experience from a friends party. Getting the charcoal smouldering was quite a job and while the four of us had our own ideas of what would work-- my method was definitely not the best. I tried to use paper to coax the coal to catch flame and all that i achieved was peppering the area with papaer ash. After about an hour of sustained effort the coal was smouldering and Aayush lost no time in getting the BBQ stuff on. Anita had "bhutta's" and I was informed that this was dinner. Before any of you feel I starved , let me say that it was quite filling -- the unfortunate part was that I was out of beer.

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