Friday, August 22, 2008

Rajni Arrives in Canada

Aug 18 dawned bright and clear and the KLM flt , with Rajni on board had no problem landing bang on time at Pearson. Anita was there ahead of time jumping excitedly like a school girl. She had been waiting for this moment for four years-- waiting for Rajni to come to Canada. I was at work but my imagination was accurate. From that moment on it has been a constant chatter , so much so , that last night Anita had a sore throat due to excessive talking ( shows you how much of a chance do i have to get in a word when we are not being visited)
Anyways , its been long walks in the mornings , the CN tower, Niagara and ofcourse the malls at Sqaure one and Heartland that have been visited so far... its Montreal / Quebec city this weekend.

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